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"Play as René, a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, he was bitten and is slowly becoming a zombie. To cut the link that ties him to the zombies, you have to craft things with every objects you can find in the house. To do so, your oven is the best place."

This is a time-attack game with a highscore panel, everything is resolved by some QuickTimeEvents(QTE). Game made under 10 days, theme was "link".

Either play with a controller or with keyboard :
ZQSD to Move, Arrows for the buttons

*There may be some camera bugs depending of your PC - Try lowering the resolution*

Game done by :

Decharneux Quentin (QTE + UI & Menus Code)
Voue Alexandre (Controllers + Gameplay)
Leroyer Amélie (Artist)
Bruyère Paul (Artist)
Verlinden Lionel (Character Artist)
Cortequisse Quentin (Anim)


DontQuickDeath.rar 84 MB

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