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"Play as a S.A.C. member which is a robbery assiociation. The mission of the day is to steal all the crowns of the museums. Infiltrate a museum and take as much treasure as you can to trade them for usefull gadgets for your next mission but, beware of the M.A.I.N. guards."

Either play with an XBOX controller or your keyboard.
Game resolution is 1280*1024.

It was made as a challenge under 5days, the theme was "L'affaire est dans le sac".
Texts are in french because of the wordplays : Theme is "It's in the bag" sac means bag, "pris la main dans le sac" means caught red-handed and so on...

Game done by :

Decharneux Quentin (Tech) 
Klemm Pierre (3D anim)
Elodie Vanderlinden (3D anim - cartoon)
Pasco Audrey (3D anim - cartoon) 
De Kan Jean (3D artist ) 
Dardenne Jérôme  (3D artist)

At Haute école Albert Jacquard.


SAC.rar 25 MB

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